Speed skating European Championships on Renon: an international sports festival

Collalbo, 28 December 2018 - It’s two weeks until the start of the Renon sporting highlight of the year: the Allround Speed Skating European Championships. Olympic champions, Olympic medal winners, World and European champions are all expected in Collalbo. Already 13 countries have registered for the prestigious competition that took place for the first time 127 years ago.
Slowly but surely, anticipation and excitement are rising in Collalbo. When the speed skating European Championships opening ceremony starts on 11 January at 13:00 pm, everything should run like clockwork, also during the following three days of the competition. Chair of the Organising Committee Jakob Gamper and his team have been working for one and a half years to ensure the smooth running of this sporting event. The preparations are now entering their last feverish phase.
It is not yet fully known who will be at the start in Collalbo in the end. The participating countries must submit their definitive list of athletes one week before the European Championships. Indications are that from Friday, January 11 to Sunday, January 13 everyone who is anyone in the international speed skating scene will compete on what is probably the fastest but certainly the most beautiful open-air track in the world. Starting with living legend Sven Kramer, who has nine Olympic medals (4 x gold) and who won 28 World championship titles and nine Allround Speed Skating European Championship titles.

The Dutch “Armada” is set to clean up
Kramer is bound to hope that he will become Allround Speed Skating European Champion for the tenth time. But the athlete from the Netherlands will meet with strong competition, especially his compatriots Jan Blokhuijsen and Douwe de Vries, Bart Swings from Belgium, Havard Bokko and Sverre Lunde Pedersen from Norway, or the strong Russian athletes. All eyes will also be on the Italian Andrea Giovannini who will be cheered on particularly passionately by his home fans.
Among the women, too, the best speed skaters in Europe will be at the start, starting with defending champion Ireen Wüst, who has won a total of eleven Olympic medals and 18 World Championship titles. Her strongest competitor is likely to be Martina Sablikova from Czechia, who has won six Olympic medals and who keeps 16 World Championship gold medals in her trophy cabinet.
As of today, 13 countries will be taking part: In addition to the Italian host, the national teams of Austria, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Russia have registered.
The competition programme starts on Friday afternoon after the opening ceremony. On Saturday, 12 January, the competitions start at 11:05 am. During the afternoon the first two European Championship titles are up for grabs: the allround for the women and the sprint combination for the men. On Sunday, 13 January the races start at 12:30 pm, when the new female European Champion in the allround and the new male European Champion in the combined discipline are determined.
Speed Skating European Championships in Collalbo on Renon (11. – 13.1.2019) - Programme
11.01.2019 from 12:30 pm: Opening ceremony
From 1:00 pm: Competition Day 1
Women - Allround 500 m
Men - Sprint 500 m
Women - Allround 3,000 m
Men - Sprint 1,000 m
12.01.2019 from 11:30 am: Competition Day 2
Women - Allround 1,500 m
Men - Sprint 500 m
Women - Sprint 500 m
Men - Allround 500 m
Women - Allround 5,000 m
Women - Sprint 1,000 m
Men - Sprint 1,000 m
Men - Allround 5,000 m
13.01.2019 from 12:30 pm: Competition Day 3
Women - Sprint 500 m
Men - Allround 1,500 m
Women - Sprint 1,000 m
Men - Allround 10,000 m

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