ISU European Speed Skating Championships
11-13 January 2019 - Collalbo


As the cold season settles in and the temperature falls below freezing, vacationers on the Renon mountain and plateau catch the holiday spirit and start feeling warm and cozy. The ski resort Corno del Renon, perfect for families and those seeking a laid-back skiing vacation, offers gentle but vast slopes. Idyllic winter landscapes will charm you hikers, cross-country skiers and lovers of nature, while the skaters among you may show off their skills on ponds and rinks.
Renon’s pride and joy is the fastest outdoor speed skating rink in the world, the Ice Rink Renon. Not only do international speed skating stars break records on this ice, but also guests can come to skate some laps. Feel the fresh air, smell the ice, listen to it cracking as you glide across it while taking in a spectacular view of the majestic Dolomites.

But, athletic adventure is not the only delight the sunny Renon winter has to offer. Renon’s hotels, B&B’s and farm stays all strive to make their guests feel warm and comfy by offering special winter deals, delicious culinary treats and loads of homey coziness and cultural events spice up those long winter evenings.
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